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Premium transport services for leaders

Our exclusive transportation services are designed for leaders who demand the highest levels of comfort, luxury, and professionalism while traveling. We understand that for successful individuals, time is a precious resource. That's why our priority is to provide fast, comfortable, and hassle-free travel. Additionally, our English-speaking service ensures easy and effective communication.


Trust and reliability

We offer exclusive transportation services for important personalities from the world of business, politics and show business. Our goal is to ensure comfort, safety and punctuality by providing reliable and luxurious transportation tailored to the requirements of our passengers.

European level of service provided by experienced drivers with high personal culture.
We provide travel using modern and safe cars, suitable for VIP transfers both in Poland and lobortis lectus dui
flexible solutions tailored to individual customer needs, thus guaranteeing comprehensive service and satisfaction with our services.

What we can offer you

A wide range of services, which include comfortable and safe transportation between cities throughout the country, professional and punctual transfers to and from airports, and international transportation, allowing us to transport people to various countries in Europe.

Intercity transportation

Comfortable and safe inter-city transportation throughout the country. Our services are ideal for both business and private travelers, guaranteeing comfort and punctuality. Each trip is carefully planned to provide passengers with the utmost comfort and minimum travel time.

Airport Transfers

Professional and timely transfers to and from airports, providing convenient and fast transportation for travelers. Regardless of the time of arrival or departure, our team is ready to ensure a smooth transfer, helping passengers with their luggage and offering support at every stage of the trip.

International transportation

International transportation services, allowing us to transport people and shipments to various countries in Europe. Our international routes are carefully planned to ensure fast and safe transportation. We take care of all border crossing formalities, allowing our customers to enjoy a hassle-free trip.

Fly and ride

We offer professional transfers from Jasionka Airport to the city of Rzeszow and from other airports in Poland to Rzeszow. Our services include comfortable and punctual transportation for both individual and group travelers. We also provide pickups from other cities, providing comfortable travel to Rzeszow from airports in Krakow, Warsaw, Katowice and other locations. With a modern fleet and experienced drivers, we guarantee a safe and satisfying trip.

Safety and comfort

Modern vehicles, maintained in excellent technical condition, ensure not only safety, but also comfort. With advanced safety systems, such as braking systems and traction control, our customers can feel safe. Innovations that improve comfort, such as noise and vibration reduction and multimedia systems, make travel pleasant, providing passengers with complete comfort in all conditions.


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ul. Powstańców Listopadowych 39
35 - 606 Rzeszów
NIP: 7931567178
REGON: 387205328


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Tel: +48 884 011 455